Fulford Parish Plan

A Fulford Parish Plan has been prepared by Fulford Parish Council as a key stage in the council achieving “Quality Council” status.

The Fulford Parish Plan is the result of consultation and cooperation with parish organisations, and the input from the Parish Questionnaire, provided by parish residents.

Parish Plan

The first issue of the Parish Plan can be downloaded (1.28 MB) from the site, here:

Parish Plan

Parish Plan - 2011 review

The Parish Plan was instigated in the spring of 2006 and was published in December 2007 following the full involvement of residents in Fulford Parish. From the responses to the questionnaires, six specific areas were identified as key issues for the Parish. These are identified in the review along with action that has been taken by the Parish Council over the last 3 years to address the issues:

Parish Plan review 2011

The process followed to prepare the Parish Plan was in four phases:

Phase 1 - Sample Questionnaire

The first phase of the Parish Plan process was the issue of a sample questionnaire to approximately 80 residents of Fulford Parish which had an excellent response from the community.

We thank all who completed their form and gave us valuable feedback.

Phase 2 - Full Consultation

The next phase was full consultation, initially by a questionnaire, the cost of which has been funded by the Community Council of Staffordshire.

This questionnaire was hand delivered to all households in the Parish and we received over 900 returns by using the FREEPOST envelope provided.

If you would like to review the questionnaire again you can still download it from the site, here.

Download The Questionnaire

This phase is now closed and analysis completed.

Thanks to all who completed and returned the questionnaire.

You gave us an excellent response and for that we are very grateful. We all feel that this has been a very worthwhile exercise, and will give us an even better opportunity of shaping our plans to meet the demands of the community, both now, and in the coming years.

Phase 3 - Further Consultation & Writing the Parish Plan

The analysis of the questionnaire feedback was completed and used to formulate the first draft of the Parish Plan.

Your answers will also set the agenda and objectives for Fulford Parish Council for the next four years.

The first draft of the Parish Plan was distributed to about 170 households who expressed an interest on their completed questionnaire. It was also available for comment and discussion at two open sessions - at Meir Heath & Rough Close Village Hall on Saturday 3rd November between 10am and 2pm, and at Fulford Village Hall on Wednesday 7th November between 6pm and 9pm.

Phase 4 - Formal first issue of the Parish Plan

Parish Plan

Parish Plan

The Parish Council still wants to know your views! so please continue to send us email via our Contact Page

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