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The old School is now the centre of Parish affairs. The Parish Council holds its meetings there and the members endeavour to improve amenities and conditions of life in the village as much as possible. Much good work has been done by them in the past.

Youth Club
In 1948 a Youth Club was inaugurated by the Vicar and his helpers. The Parish Hall or Institute as it was called was found to be a very suitable building for its activities and the club meets each Tuesday evening. This is a new venture on behalf of the youth of the village and we wish the Fulford Youth Club every success.

Village Hall
It is hoped, at some future date, to erect in our village a building suitable for all its social needs. A Village Hall Committee has been formed, representative of all sections of the community. A grand job of work has already been done by its very active and enthusiastic members. By means of Whist Drives and Dances, Sales, Prize Drawings etc. etc., the magnificent sum of £570 has been raised. Also a most generous resident has given a plot of land, situated in a central position in the village, on which to build our Village Hall. This is a most worthy enterprise and great credit is due to all the members of the Village Hall Committee, who will be very happy to see their object achieved. Our Village of Fulford is very fortunate in having excellent service from its local doctors and District Nurse, who manage to overcome all obstacles. The houses they are called upon to visit are so scattered, that they have to travel many miles. Their untiring energy and work on behalf of the sick is worthy of great praise, which they so richly deserve. The way, in which they traverse these roads of ours, in the winter when the snow has drifted and caused a blockage, is extremely praiseworthy.

Our District Nurse deserves a special word of praise here, for the most superhuman way in which she reached her patients during the heavy snowfalls in the winter of 1947. Her small car was of no use whatever to take her through the deep drifts. She was compelled to walk to all her cases, armed with a spade, with which, with the assistance of her husband; she dug her way through. Such is the valiant spirit of our Nurse.

Therefore we say with great pride, that we possess in our village, a very excellent medical service, knowing full well, that if we should at any time, have the misfortune to be ill, we should have the best possible attention.

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