Our Village - By Fulford Women's Institute



Our W.I. is twenty one years old next March and we hope to celebrate the occasion by having a Birthday Party. We shall be certain of plenty of good things to eat and much fun, owing to the generosity of our members.

We must be one of the smallest W.I.’s as our numbers have never expanded far beyond our present number of 32. Our members are drawn from scattered parts of the village, some travelling 1½ to 2 miles to attend the meetings. Our twenty one years have been very happy ones indeed and we have enjoyed many interesting lectures and demonstrations. Much help and much kindness has been exchanged between members and we owe each other much. We all do our best to make our W.I. a happy place and our meetings come to a close all too quickly.

We have always been fortunate in the choice of our officers, who do their work untiringly and efficiently and manage to keep our W.I. business like and happy too.

We are looking forward to the future with confidence. There have been times when we have felt a very small and unimportant little community, but we have overcome that idea and feel that all we do and learn, is very much worth while. We look forward to the future with confidence and hope and feel very grateful that a Womens’ Institute was inaugurated in 1929, in our little, almost unknown village of Fulford, that little spot which is almost “off the map”.

We bring this story of OurVillage to a close with these few remarks:

When we entered into this adventure, we wondered if there would be much to tell about such a small insignificant village as ours, but events have proved otherwise.

You will observe that we have endeavoured to use as few names as possible.

It has been a very happy and interesting adventure, writing this story of our village and we have found a new interest, seeing with a new vision, the beauty and character of this charming spot we call “HOME”. We have been in contact with our most entertaining and interesting neighbours, especially the older generation, full of their memories and we would like to bless them all for their co-operation. Their stories have been very enlightening and very funny sometimes. We shall remember them often in the future. To them we must extend our thanks for the greater part of their contribution to this story of our village.

May the future of all W.I.’s be a happy one!

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