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Tales That Are Told

Many are the stories, which the older generation tells us on our journey through the village.

1. “The Lawyer’s Leap”. (Hollow or Trap). The Lawyer’s Leap is the name given to a stretch of narrow road which has a drop of about 15 feet on either side (See illustration 14). It is reputed that a Lawyer was riding home late one night in his pony trap and was hurled over the top and killed.


2. “The Bear Holes” This is a part of a field, which is situated between Fulford and Saverley Green. It is said that this was where bears were baited and dog fights were held, much to the excitement of the villagers. The lie of the land in this spot appears to be cut out in terraces and the circle of trees nearby lends colour to the story.

3. “Cocky’s Hall” This is another meadow where cock fights were held. Villagers had bets on the fights.

4. “The Ten Pound Meadow” Many different stories are told of this plot of land, situated half way between Fulford and Saverley Green. One is that is was so called because two men each bet the other, that he could beat him in a straight fight. The fight took place one Sunday morning on the meadow.

Another story says that the meadow was sold several times and it never realised more than the price of £10. Another one is that a “Cock-Fight” was held there and the prize was £10.

The last story we have to tell of this meadow is quite a different one and has nothing at all to do with money. It is called Ten Pound Meadow, because it actually measured ten “Slang’s” or Strips.

5. There is a story told by a former Vicar’s wife, that angels were reputed to walk on the rock in front of a house in Fulford, the house at the rear of the old school.

Quaint Field Names: - Many fields in Fulford have quaint names, but we have not been able to obtain any information on why they are so called. Below are the names: - Joe Steel; Long Friday; Windy Ash; Candy Hills; Yew Trees; Cabin Field; Bousy Pasture and Bear Holes already mentioned.

There is a very old plough in the possession of a farmer in our village. This plough is composed mostly of wood.

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