New Waste Contract

The new improved waste collection service for households across the borough is being amended.

Since Stafford Borough Council introduced the improved waste collection service in February the recycling rate from local households has rocketed with people using the innovative new blue bin to dispose of plastic food packaging, bottles, tin and glass.
And from 8 September cardboard will also be collected in the blue bin.
The bin's internal compartment for newspapers and magazines will now take shredded paper as well.

The brown bin will be used for garden waste only.

Most householders have their rubbish bin collected on one week and their recycling bins collected on the following week.

But residents who already have a customised bin collection - because of access or location difficulties they experience with the service - continue to have their waste emptied as before.

The scheme has been based on successful trials over the last three years in the area which has led to nearly 60% recycling compared to less than 30% for the rest of the borough. Around 90% of those surveyed in the pilot areas of Eccleshall and Parkside said they were satisfied with the new service.

The "New Blue" bin takes all dry recyclable products. As well as taking all plastic packaging, glass, cans and tins, there is a special detachable compartment inside the bin - that householders will not need to remove - for paper. No longer must textiles be put in the blue bin as it has been found that textiles have become contaminated with broken glass etc., which means that they cannot be re-used.