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Reverend Marion Reynolds, 20 Tudor Hollow, 01782 397073


Mrs Rowena Robinson, Fulford Dale Cottage, Tel 01782 397838
Mrs Shirley Rawlings, 14 Carters Croft, Tean, Tel 01538 724392

From the Vicar

The deadline for this month’s notes means write this only a couple of days after the official start of the UK General Election campaign; an election that has been met variously by incredulity, horror, anxiety and euphoria. As I have said before, I would never try to influence how anyone should cast his or her vote but I am convinced that each eligible person should vote AND each person has the right to have his or her opinion respected. And, I think, that is what bothers me so much about this election – the fact that the “losing” side (in this case those who wish to remain in the EU) does not appear to accept the democratic will of the people, demanding re-runs, crying foul and generally treating those on the “winning” side (in this case those who voted in 2016 to leave the EU, a decision which was subsequently ratified by the very parliament which provoked the upcoming election) as being actually unable to vote properly.

The Biblical book of Daniel is a book that bears inspection today. Yes, we are talking different time, different economic and social structures and autocratic, almost tyrannical rulers; however the sentiments are the same and so powerful. Take, for example, the reflection on Daniel chapter 5. This reading is Belshazzar’s feast and one reflection it reads “we know something about the transition of power between the Babylonians and the Persians, and there are good historical reasons why it happened, but our writer is not interested in them. This book wants to show us, above all, that God controls everything and everyone. If there is a regime change, then God is behind it and God has his reasons. Its readers are encouraged to believe this, even when it is not easy to see, and know that ultimately they can feel safe in God’s world”. Words indeed for us to mull over and reflect on as we approach December 12th.

We are fast approaching the seasons of Advent and Christmas, the time when we lead up to the climax – the overwhelming love of God for his world in sending his Son, Jesus, to show us the way back to God. One phrase used to describe Jesus is “prince of peace”, in other words the epitome of love, tolerance and harmony. Let us take this opportunity to listen again to the story of God’s working out of his purpose for humanity and pledge ourselves to listen to and follow the Prince of Peace, not just at this time but each and every day.

May God indeed grant each and everyone of us a happy and peaceful Christmas and 2020.


Services at St. Nicholas Church

December 2019 & January 2020   

1st Dec            9:30am           BCP Holy Communion

8th Dec           9:30am           Holy Communion

15th Dec         8:45am           Said BCP Holy Communion

                      10:00am         Family Service

22nd Dec        9:30am          Holy Communion

                       6:00pm           Carol Service

24th Dec         23:30pm         Midnight Mass

25th Dec         10:30am         Family Communion

29th Dec         11:15am         Benefice Communion at Hilderstone

5th Jan 2020  9:30am           BCP Holy Communion

12th Jan          9:30am           Holy Communion

19th Jan          8:45am           Said BCP Holy Communion

                      10:00am         Family Service

26th Jan          9:30am           BCP Holy Communion

2nd Feb           9:30am           Holy Communion

Readings – December 2019 & January 2020

1st December                       Rom 13: 11 - end

(Advent Sunday)                  Matt 24: 36 - 44        

8th December                       Rom 15: 4 - 13

(Advent 2)                            Matt 3: 1 -12                         

15th December                     James 5: 7 - 10

(Advent 3)                             Matt 11: 2 - 11

22nd December                     Rom 1: 1 - 7

(Advent 4)                             Matt 1: 18 - end

24th December                      Heb 1: 1 - 4   

(Christmas Eve)                   John 1: 1 - 14

25th December                      Titus 3: 4 – 7

(Christmas Day)                   Luke 2: [1 – 7], 8 – 20

29th December                      Heb 2: 10 – end

(1st Christmas)                      Matt 2: 13 - end

5th January                            Eph 3: 1 - 12

(Epiphany)                            Matt 2: 1 - 12

12th Jan                                 Acts 10: 34 - 43

(Baptism of Christ)               Matthew 3: 13 - end

19th Jan                                  1Cor 1: 1 - 9

(Epiphany 2)                         John 1: 29 - 42

26th Jan                                  1Cor 1: 10 – 18

(Epiphany 3)                         Matthew 4: 12 - 23

2nd Feb                                   Hebrews 2: 14 - end

(Candlemas)                         Luke 2: 22 – 40

What’s On

Advent frugal lunch & service

On 11th December at 12noon we will be holding a frugal lunch followed by a service of Stations of the Nativity at St Nicholas. All welcome

 Christmas hamper draw.
Tickets are just £1 each and you could win a magnificent food hamper or one of many smaller prizes. All proceeds to St Nicholas' Church.
The draw will be made at the Black Lake on Friday 13th December 2019, not before 8 p.m.
Offers of goodies to go in the hampers are welcome.
For tickets or information speak to Rowena or David Robinson, telephone 01782 397838.


We pray for the Church, for all who are ill, bereaved, troubled or confused. If you cannot get to church and would like a visit and/or Holy Communion, contact the Vicar (397073) or Shirley Rawlings (01538 724392).

Wednesday mornings at 10am – quiet prayers in church led by Shirley; all welcome

Parish Profile

The parish profile for the Benefice of Fulford-in-Stone with Hilderstone (2017):

Fulford Hilderstone Parish Profile 2017

St Francis of Assisi, Meir Heath

The Methodist Church (Blythe Bridge): Rev'd Ian Coates 01782 395370

The Roman Catholic Church (Meir & Cresswell): Fr Kazimierz Stefek 01782 313734; Rev Trevor Borthwick

Fulford Residents

Third Thursday 10 am at the Village Hall ~ All welcome

Coffee and a chat.