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St Nicholas Church

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Reverend Marion Reynolds, 20 Tudor Hollow, 01782 397073


Mrs Rowena Robinson, Fulford Dale Cottage, Tel 01782 397838
Mrs Shirley Rawlings, 14 Carters Croft, Tean, Tel 01538 724392

From the Vicar

A couple of years ago Paul and I went to a day conference we’d signed up for several months earlier. The title of the day caught my eye and we both thought it sounded really interesting so went along with some anticipation. When we got there, the speaker (who, by the way was excellent) started talking about what we all thought we were there to hear but after about five minutes the subject matter changed and we spent the rest of the first session thoroughly enthralled but also wondering when we were going to get back on topic. The answer was easy – we didn’t. The whole day ended up totally different to the advertised topic BUT we came away with a “wow factor” having listened to such an inspiring person.

And isn’t living the Christin life a bit like that? So often we think we’re going steadily along knowing what God wants us to do and just getting on with it when suddenly, life takes on a different tack. At other times we feel as if we’re floundering around completely at a loss as to what we should be doing, having no idea what and where we should be and wondering if God has any plan for us. That’s the wonder of God – He is so aptly named “the God of surprises”.

St Paul knew all about this. Read Acts and Paul’s letters and so often he says things like “when I come to you” or “but the Spirit compelled us to” meaning that he was laying plans which he genuinely thought were in God’s plan for him but then realising that God was leading him in a totally different direction. The thing about Paul (and so many countless other Christians down the ages) was that metaphorical shrug of the shoulders and being willing to change plans/ideas/actions to fit into God’s plans.

And how much are we open to what God is saying to each one of us? How set in our ways are we that we take it for granted that this must be God’s way? In our own lives and in the life of the church we MUST not fall into the habit of complacency – the one thing God isn’t, is complacent.

We are fast approaching Advent, a good time to re-examine who we are and where we are in our faith; a time to reflect, to pray to ask God afresh to lead us in the way he wants us to go. As our speaker said to us, we don’t always get it right, we do sometimes misread/mishear/misinterpret what God is saying but that is no excuse to stand still; God can even use our mistakes and make a blessing out of them! Now that is a “wow factor thought”!


Services at St. Nicholas Church

November 2019    

3rd Nov           9:30am           BCP Communion

10th Nov         10:45am         Remembrance Service      

17th Nov         8:45am           BCP said Communion

                        10:00am         Family Service

24th Nov         9:30am           Common Worship Communion

1st Dec            9:30am           BCP Communion

Readings – November 2019

3rd November                        Eph 1: 11 - end

(All Saints)                            Luke 6: 20 - 31         

10th November                      2Thess 2: 1 – 5, 13 - end

(Remembrance)                   Luke 20: 27 - 38

17th November                      2Thess 3: 6 - 13

(2nd before Advent)              Luke 21: 5 - 19

24th November                      Col 1: 11 - 20

(Christ the King)                   Luke 23: 33 - 43

1st December                                    Rom 13: 11 - end

(Advent Sunday)                  Matt 24: 36 - 44

What’s On


Sunday 10th November 2019 10:45am Remembrance Day service in church with rededication of the war memorial


+Geoff, bishop of Stafford, retires in November this year; he will be greatly missed in our diocese. His last service will be at 4pm on 24th November at Stoke Minster. All are welcome to attend.

Advance notices

Advent Evening Service

Sunday, 1st December at 6pm at Christ Church Hilderstone, a service of readings and hymns for Advent

Advent lunch & stations of the nativity service

On 11th December at 12noon we will be holding a cold lunch  followed by a service of Stations of the Nativity at St Nicholas, Fulford. All are welcome to attend


We pray for the Church, for all who are ill, bereaved, troubled or confused. If you cannot get to church and would like a visit and/or Holy Communion, contact the Vicar (397073) or Shirley Rawlings (01538 724392).

Parish Profile

The parish profile for the Benefice of Fulford-in-Stone with Hilderstone (2017):

Fulford Hilderstone Parish Profile 2017

St Francis of Assisi, Meir Heath

The Methodist Church (Blythe Bridge): Rev'd Ian Coates 01782 395370

The Roman Catholic Church (Meir & Cresswell): Fr Kazimierz Stefek 01782 313734; Rev Trevor Borthwick

Fulford Residents

Third Thursday 10 am at the Village Hall ~ All welcome

Coffee and a chat.