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Reverend Marion Reynolds, 20 Tudor Hollow, 01782 397073


Mrs Rowena Robinson, Fulford Dale Cottage, Tel 01782 397838
Mrs Shirley Rawlings, 14 Carters Croft, Tean, Tel 01538 724392

From the Vicar

My favourite subject at school was maths, so much so that I went on to study maths, statistics and computing (in the days before there were specific computer science degrees). Of all the branches of maths, I love algebra best – give me a good quadratic equation and I’m in my element, or better still let me explain the first principles of differential calculus to you! Algebra always involves finding a solution to one or more unknowns, usually denoted by X, so the general simple equation could be something like: aX + b = c. Simple algebra then says therefore X = (c – b)/a. Easy isn’t it?

The unknown, X, appears in many guises: X marks the spot on the map where the treasure is hidden; X, or your mark, was common before the days when everyone could read and write; there is a program on TV called “The X factor” – that special, unknown something extra that a person may have; and it also appears in Christmas. How often do you see Christmas written as Xmas? But Xmas (or unknown mas) is such an appropriate definition of the season that occurs at the end of December each year. How many people actually know, or care, what the Christmas season is REALLY all about? Yes, Christ is the unknown in so much of the celebration around his name.

By September, go into any supermarket, pick up any magazine or newspaper, turn on the commercial TV channels, drive or walk past any restaurant or pub and you will be inundated by goods and adverts enticing you to book your party/meal, buy expensive, must have, presents, buy loads and loads of food that we don’t really need and haven’t got anywhere to store, go on a special Christmas spending spree and so on. What is essentially a supreme, one-day, Christian celebration has been turned into a multi-million pound, several month long secular extravaganza. Yes, Christ is the unknown in so much of the celebration around his name.

At the end of November the church begins its new year, as always, with the season of Advent, one of two penitential seasons in the church (the other being Lent) when Christians particularly think about how far we fall short of what God would like us to be and we ask for His forgiveness. At the end of Advent we have one of the two joyful seasons of the church – Christmas (just as we have Easter at the end of Lent). It’s the time when Christians remember, and thank God, that He loved the world so much that He was prepared to send his only son to show us a role-model for life. Christmas Day is the time when we give thanks for the birth of Jesus as a human being, to a human family.

We will be celebrating Advent, the lead up to Christmas with Carol Services, Christmas Night and Christmas Day. Everyone is welcome to come and join us for any, or all, of the services. Who knows, if you do, then maybe the X in Xmas may stop being an unknown, and you, too, will know the love of God in your life.

May God bless you and all you love at this special time of year.


Services at St. Nicholas - December 2017 & January 2018  

3rd Dec              9:30am BCP Holy Communion

10th Dec            9:30am Holy Communion

17th Dec            6pm                  Carol Service

24th Dec            4pm                  Crib Service at Hilderstone

                        11:30pm           Midnight Holy Communion

25th Dec           10:30am            Christmas Family Communion

31st Dec           11:15am            Benefice Holy Communion at Hilderstone

 7th Jan             9:30am BCP Holy Communion

14th Jan            9:30am Holy Communion

21st Jan            8:45am BCP Holy Communion (said)

                        10am                Family Service

28th Jan            9:30am Holy Communion

4th Feb              9:30am BCP Holy Communion  


There is a box at the back of church for prayer requests.

Anyone is welcome to join us on a Wednesday morning at 10 am in the Annexe for prayers.

 If you cannot get to church and would like a visit and/or Holy Communion, contact the Vicar (397303) or Shirley (01538 724392).

Forward dates for your diary

Advent 2017

We will be holding Advent Quiet Mornings on 5th December at Christ Church and 19th December at St Nicholas at 10am. All welcome.

We will be holding short Taize style services on the 3 Saturdays of Advent at 5pm in Christ Church on 9th and 23rd December and at St Nicholas16th December. All welcome.


Bring me sunshine – an evening with Gail Morecambe (Eric’s daughter) Fulford Village Hall 30th January 2018 7pm Two course hot meal Tickets £20 each from St Nicholas church (bring your own drinks) More details to follow.  

Lent 2018

We will be holding a six week Lent Group on the theme “Faith Pictures” on Tuesday evenings 20th February – 27th March at 7:30pm in Hilderstone Village Hall. More details later.


Meet in the Church Annexe on Friday mornings between 10am and 12pm during term time. Mothers or Fathers or Grand parents stay with the children. There  are lots of toys to play with and drinks are available.

Contact Lauren on 07974 777 075.

Parish Profile

The parish profile for the Benefice of Fulford-in-Stone with Hilderstone (2017):

Fulford Hilderstone Parish Profile 2017

Contacts for other Churches

The Methodist Church: Rev'd Ian Coates 01782 395370

The Catholic Church: Fr Kazimierz Stefek 01782 313734; Rev Trevor Borthwick

Fulford Residents

Third Thursday 10 am at the Village Hall ~ All welcome

Coffee and a chat.