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Reverend Marion Reynolds, 20 Tudor Hollow, 01782 397073


Mrs Rowena Robinson, Fulford Dale Cottage, Tel 01782 397838
Mrs Shirley Rawlings, 14 Carters Croft, Tean, Tel 01538 724392

From the Vicar

We are well into Ordinary time in our church lectionary now and, as I said last month, looking at Jesus through Luke’s gospel. It is called ordinary but, for me, is anything but ordinary as we try to work out for ourselves what Luke is saying to us today. For example, take the parables; what does the parable of the prodigal son say to you? For you is it the prodigal son or his father or even his brother who speaks to you in the relationships you are in today? Take the parable of the good Samaritan; who speaks to you in this story? Is it the priest, the levi or the Samaritan? What is this parable saying to us about how we treat one another today?

And what is ordinary about this time of year for our children? Not a lot – no way! School end of year, children moving from primary to secondary schools, those leaving school anxiously waiting for GCSE or A level results to know whether their provisional place at college or university will become a reality. School holidays, family holidays, juggling work and child care. No, there is certainly nothing ordinary about summer.

However, it is so often in the ordinary that God does speak to us; in the little things that we maybe take for granted; in the conversation over a coffee or glass of chilled wine, sitting in the garden; in the walk on the seashore in the sun; in the time snoozing on a sunbed around a swimming pool; maybe even in the mundane household tasks we do almost by rote, without thinking.

Finding God in all things is a big part of Ignatian spirituality, but finding God in the boring parts of life is easier said than done. Here are five ways from Ignatian spirituality to help you find God in the ordinary.

1.       Micro-Awareness—This is not just trying to be aware of the present moment, but rather letting each small action you take become your primary purpose in the moment. If you let something as simple as pushing the power button on your computer or walking up the stairs be done with intention and awareness (rather than letting routine get the best of you), you’ll find a new holiness in those mundane tasks.

2.       Journal—Writing down the experiences of your day as well as your thoughts and feelings, but often the act of writing uncovers unseen moments of God’s presence you initially missed.

3.       Do something the “old fashioned way” Technology and fast expectations can often close the door on our awareness of God. For a change, walk to someone’s desk instead of calling, handwrite a letter instead of e-mailing, walk instead of driving. The change of pace may give you a more meaningful interaction or experience. And slowing down lets you acknowledge God’s presence more easily.

4.       Listen—When was the last time you really listened to someone without trying to think of what to say next? You’ll be surprised what you hear if you actually listen to a friend, to the natural sounds around you or to your own conscience. God speaks when we pause long enough to listen.

5.       Say “God is here” Sometimes saying “God is here” is the best way to snap into an awareness that God dwells not just within you but alongside you in every moment, mundane or grand – in the ordinary!


Services at St. Nicholas Church

July & August 2019    

7th July           9:30am           BCP Holy Communion

14th July         9:30am           Holy Communion

21st July         8:45am           Holy Communion (said)

                      10:00am         Family Service

28th July         9:30am           Holy Communion

4th August      9:30am           BCP Holy Communion

                        2:00pm           Holy Baptism

11th August   9:30am           Holy Communion

18th August   8:45am           Holy Communion (said)

                     10:00am         Family Service

25th August   9:30am           Holy Communion

1st Sept           9:30am           BCP Holy Communion


Readings – July & August 2019

7th July                                   Gal 6: 7 – 16

(Proper 9)                              Luke 10: 1 – 11, 16 – 20    

14th July                                 Col: 1: 1 - 14

(Proper 10)                            Luke 10: 25 - 37

21st July                                 Col 1: 15 - 28

(Proper 11)                            Luke 10: 38 - end

28th July                                 Col 2: 6 – 15

(Proper 12)                            Luke 11: 1 - 13

4th August                              Col 3: 1 - 11

(Proper 13)                            Luke 12: 13 - 21                  

11th August                           Heb 11:1 – 3, 8 - 16

 (Proper 14)                           Luke 12: 32 - 40

18th August                           Heb 11: 29 – 12:2

(Proper 15)                            Luke 12: 49 - 56

25th August                           Heb 12: 18 - end

(Proper 16)                            Luke 13: 10 - 17

1st Sept                                   Heb 13: 1 – 8, 15 - 16

(Proper 17)                            Luke 14: 1, 7 - 14

What’s On

13th July Family Fun Day at Fulford

St Nicholas Church is participating in the Fun Day by providing refreshments to people attending. The Church is pleased to be part of this village event and will also raise some funds by selling, hopefully, delicious cakes and enjoyable tea, coffee and squash.  Anyone wishing to join us is most welcome.  If you are able to make any cake, brownies, small cakes, cookies etc to sell on the day, please contact Rachel on 01782 393185

20th July Village fete at Hilderstone

10th August 1:30 – 4pm Garden Open. By kind permission of Mrs Sue Jones and Mrs Rose Mardling, spend a delightful afternoon in the pleasant and tranquil surroundings of the gardens of Sharpley Farm and Sharpley Cottage (ST15 8SJ).

Refreshments available. Car parking available. 

Admission £5 per person – all proceeds to Access for All fund.            

17th August 11:00am onwards Brunch at John & Evelyn Hooley’s, 4 Lancaster Rd

Prayers If you cannot get to church and would like a visit and/or Holy Communion, contact the Vicar (39073)

Parish Profile

The parish profile for the Benefice of Fulford-in-Stone with Hilderstone (2017):

Fulford Hilderstone Parish Profile 2017

St Francis of Assisi, Meir Heath

Contacts for other Churches

The Methodist Church (Blythe Bridge): Rev'd Ian Coates 01782 395370

The Roman Catholic Church (Meir & Cresswell): Fr Kazimierz Stefek 01782 313734; Rev Trevor Borthwick

Fulford Residents

Third Thursday 10 am at the Village Hall ~ All welcome

Coffee and a chat.