Coronavirus Crisis


The Parish Council newsletter has been hand delivered across all the parish, click: CORONAVIRUS NEWSLETTER

Fulford Parish Council has formed a Coronavirus Action Group where Councillors and Volunteers from across the Parish come together to help those most in need, whoever they may be.

Forming this group means that we are all coordinated in our efforts and safeguard each other as much as possible. It is essential everyone feels safe and secure in such an operation.



07934 915 653  or  07934 915 654

What we can help with

Collecting or handing in prescriptions.

Grocery shopping (order/delivery)

A friendly chat on the phone

Posting Mail

Urgent Supplies

Here is a brief update on the progress of the Fulford Parish Council Community Action Group.

Recruited Volunteers: 62 across all wards

Service users as of 31/03/2020: 28

Fulford Parish Council Community Aid Group update (04/04/2020)

To date, across the Parish, we have now helped 52 residents and have nearly 100 volunteers which is exceptional.

W/C 6th April - we will be doing a door drop of postcards to the houses we think are most vulnerable to reinforce the message to stay home and use our services. We have taken delivery of three very generous food and toiletries parcels for distribution amongst the most in need. Comments still continue to be extremely positive from our service users. Parishioners should volunteer or request help through the Council so we can safeguard everyone as best as possible.