Local History

This page is dedicated to the local history of Fulford Parish, Staffordshire, and hopefully, will give people interested in tracing their ancestors in this area some valuable information.

We are fortunate in that members of our community have spent years researching the local area and have been willing to publish this information on our site for the greater good.

To help get you started, the website committee have tracked down some local history websites, offered via links at the bottom of this page.

Historic Articles & Publications

Fulford History

Author Roger Keight (21st June 1936 – 1st January 2013)

This interesting and detailed account of life in centuries gone by was compiled by Roger Keight, a Fulford resident, and updated chapters were posted on the Fulford Village website site with his kind permission and active involvement.

Accessing Church Records

This page looks at the role of Church records in tracing ancestors. What information is held, and where additional information can be obtained.

"Our Village"

Fulford Women's Institute. Includes contributions from: Rose Fenton, Kath Tooth and Linda Hargreaves

This is a copy of the history, recollections and stories gathered by the Women’s Institute of Fulford about 1949.

Published by kind permission of Fulford WI, with thanks to the work by Rose Fenton, Kath Tooth and Linda Hargreaves in March, 2000 for the Millennium.

The Origins of Parish Councils

For anyone who isn't sure about the role of a Parish Council in modern life, here is a brief history on the origins and formation of Parish Councils.

Printed with permission of Sunningdale Parish Council

Meir Heath Windmill ... is a site dedicated to the preservation of the Meir Heath Windmill, a local landmark, and features significant historic facts surrounding the mining of metal in the area.

Staffs History ... is a comprehensive site with images and links to a range of local history societies.

History of the Parish of Stone ... features an account of Stone Parish villages and boundaries dating back to 1851.

Forsbrook Website ... citing the beginnings and expansion of Forsbrook. This is a really interesting read. The site focusses on Forsbrook, but has frequent references to Blythe Bridge, Stallington and surrounding villages.

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