Councillors and their Wards

There are seventeen councillors for the Fulford Parish Council, which makes it one of the larger Parish Councils in Staffordshire.

These council members serve four wards - Blythe Bridge (5), Fulford (4), Meir Heath (5) and Rough Close (3).

Representatives donate their time for free in order to ensure that Fulford Parish is a prosperous and engaging community to live and work in.

Clerk to Fulford Parish Council

Blythe Bridge Ward

Fulford Ward

Meir Heath Ward

Rough Close Ward

Borough Councillors

County Councillor

Blythe Bridge Ward

One Vacancy

Cllr. J McNaught Tel: 07443 507430

Cllr. R C Mycock Tel: 01782 396869

Cllr. A. Sandiford Tel: 07950513706

Cllr. Mrs J White Tel: 01782 397981

Fulford Ward

Cllr. G.F Colclough Tel: 01782 909582

Cllr. R. Flackett Tel: 01782 397491

Cllr. J.M Oxby Tel: 01782 397629

Cllr. P. Wilkinson

Meir Heath Ward

Cllr. Mrs C. Baskin Tel: 01782 393660

Cllr. N. Garside Tel: 07425 160 290

Cllr. Miss A. Noblett Tel: 01782 397334

Cllr. P. Oldham

One Vacancy

Rough Close Ward

Cllr. G. Brunt (Chairman 2018/19) Tel: 01782 394079

Cllr. D. Cooke Tel: 01782 397973

Cllr. A. Lovatt Tel: 07900 892397

Additional contacts:

Clerk to Fulford Parish Council

Mrs. D Plant

18 Hillside Avenue, Forsbrook, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs, ST11 9BH

Tel: 07919 911938


c/o Parish Office, Meir Heath Village Hall, Grange Road, Meir Heath, Stoke-on-Trent, ST3 7BH

Tel: 01782 385187 (Mon-Wed Mornings Only)

Email The Clerk

Staffordshire County Councillor

Cllr. I Parry Tel: 07831 510381

Email Ian Parry

Stafford Borough Councillors

Cllr. M.G Dodson Tel: 01782 399855

Cllr. P. Roycroft Tel: 01889 505240

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