Community First Responders

Monday 28th July 2008:

Good news, West Midland ambulance service has given 5 of the Fulford and District Community First Responders who are already trained the go ahead to start responding and their responder vehicle was handed over to the group by County Councillor Ian Parry.

Fulford and District Community First Responders Website

Community First Responders

We need your help!

A new Community First Responder scheme under the control of Staffordshire Ambulance Service is now operational for Fulford, Meir Heath, Hilderstone and the surrounding areas.

Training started at Fulford Village Hall in April 2008 with the Staffordshire Ambulance Service taking place one evening each week for about 6 months - on completion of the training the volunteers now respond to 999 calls received by the Ambulance Service.

This new Community First Responder group will receive 999 calls made to the Ambulance service and they will be able to arrive on scene before the Ambulance crews, the improved response time of the First Responders will save lives and suffering as they can render vital medical assistance.

The Community First Responders are a voluntary service and help will be required with fund raising for the ongoing maintenance of the Responder car and its life saving equipment.

For further information or maybe to make a donation, please contact:

David Steele   Telephone 01782 372976 or Mobile 07946185945

Phillip Allen     Telephone 01782 326029 or Mobile 07761735530