Our Village - By Fulford Women's Institute

Published by kind permission of Fulford WI


This is a copy of the history, recollections and stories gathered by the Women’s Institute of Fulford about 1949. We must give grateful thanks to them for preserving these facts for us, the residents of Fulford. It allows us look back to a time when life was simpler and gentler. We can enjoy these snap shot memories and compare them today, as we look forward to a new Millennium. It is not hard to imagine life as it was in Fulford in the past, when you read this compilation of memories, as some elements of village life have not changed or changed very little.

We must treasure these old memories the W. I. have collected and make sure that future generations of the next millennium are aware of some of these recollection and the history of Fulford village.

Rose Fenton
Kath Tooth
March, 2000

Our Village has been copied as written by the W.I.

Thanks to Mrs. Linda Hargreaves for allowing us access to “Our Village” in order to preserve the history written within its pages.


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