History of Fulford - Part 1

Published by kind permission of Roger Keight
(21st June 1936 – 1st January 2013)

Roger Keight - 2006


This history of Fulford in Staffordshire was first compiled by Roger Keight in the autumn of 2001.

Initially it was based on the work of both Alexander Ward, who undertook some early research as part of a school history project in 1996, and Kath Tooth, who undertook further research as part of the Fulford millennium project.

Roger continued and expanded those researches, with some help from Bill Weston, in order that he could better understand the area in which he had lived for the previous thirteen years.

Most of the photographs have been provided by Roger Keight, Kath Tooth and Nola Ward, though a few have been downloaded from the ‘Staffordshire Past Track’ website.

As permission to use some photographs has still to be sought, there are placeholders in the text.

This work, which has been produced by Roger Keight, has been divided into the following chapters:-

Part 1 - Chapter 1

A brief history of Fulford and its environment (with maps)

Part 1 - Chapter 2

A look at Fulford and the tithe of 1849

Part 1 - Chapter 3

A look at Fulford at the time of the census of 1881

Part 1 - Chapter 4

The history of Fulford Chapel and St.Nicholas Church

Part 1 - Chapter 5

The history of Fulford’s Parochial and National Schools

Part 1 - Chapter 6

Fulford's Pub, Post Office & Village Hall

Part 1 - Chapter 7

A look at the farms and farmers of the Fulford area

Part 1 - Chapter 8

Other occupations in and around Fulford in the 18th & 19th century

Part 1 - Chapter 9

Memories of some of Fulford’s older residents

Part 1 - Chapter 10

President Richard Nixon & Fulford’s Emigrant Families

Part 1 - Chapter 11



Please note that images have not yet been added to these pages.

Part 2 - Chapter 12

The History of Saverley Green

Part 2 - Chapter 13

The History of Spot Acre

Part 2 - Chapter 14

The History of Stallington

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